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I need some assistance with external IPs accessing my server. I suspect my issue is with my reasonably robust router/firewall appliance (a UDM Pro).

I've forwarded the port to the correct server, which is usually sufficient to get servers working and acts as an appropriate firewall rule. I contacted my ISP to disable CGNAT (which has caused issues with other servers in the past). A port check site (DNS Checker - DNS Check Propagation Tool) does timeout when checking port 2593.

What I do find interesting is that when I looked at a post from another person on a similar thread here (Port forwarding.. help?!), I noticed that ServUO gave a message that it was listening on the external IP. I don't get that message. ServUO identifies the correct external IP (through at server startup, but I don't get that listening message. I'm wondering if that's a difference between the current version of ServUO and the one being used in that thread .... or there is something else at play.

I'd prefer to not use Hamachi for security reasons. While I'll know everyone on the server, I don't know their machines and Hamachi opens your network to external malware. I'd like to figure out what the problem is, thus maintaining the integrity of my own network.

Is anyone able to assist?
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Success! Based on suggestions in the Discord, I set AutoDetect=False and @Address to my fixed IP in the Server.cfg. It worked after that.