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If I have missed this post somewhere please forgive me. Here is the scenario I am building and what I am looking to accomplish... (30,000 ft. view)
I *think* this can be done with one of the government systems out there and a faction system. I am not sure if this is the right path to take...

1) Player logs in creates character and has to decide to be PvP,PvM, or strictly crafter. (with crafter you cant leave town, or can only recall to your home)
2) If a player picks PvP, then that player has to make their way to a town on any facet and claim it and create a new faction.
2a) the player that creates the new faction must login daily and check the faction stone and pay the guards. (rent 24hr real time, the more you pay the better protection)
2b) if the player that establishes the faction doesn't login for 7 days then upon returning, ejected or teleported out at a moongate or other 'safe' place.
3)If another player comes to a town and doesn't join that faction then that character is KOS. (unless has some really great gear and can kill the guards)
3a) with that being said a strong enough faction / guild / alliance could overthrow another town
4) PvM players can still live relatively normal lives, though they can be recruited to go PvP. If I player decides to go 'lone wolf' then is considered an outcast and is 'free' needs to be wary and can still find needed supplies.
5) Crafter characters are safe characters. They are the smith's, farmers, tailors, and carpenters and are given BOD's to fill. (or commodity deeds) If a crafter doesn't keep into their task then that character is moved into PvM or removed from the faction city / town.

There can be player made cities with future requirements, and would consist of people not wanting any of the above.

Open to suggestions, thoughts, comments?

The server name is Cruel Harsh World - CHW
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