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I'm working on a new system that requires some new Rare's/Artifacts as rewards!

I've used the help of GPT to come up with this list, it looks pretty good to me but wanted to see while I work on scripting these, what others think about them, should any be changed because they don't fit or which ones do you see a must have feature to be included in the rare in question!

Here is the list, 2 per profession of vendor type, review and offer feedback!

Alchemist = Astral Stardust Flask (Flask): Celestial Concoction Vial (Vial)
Architect = Dream Weaver's Architecture (Blueprint): Otherworldly Blueprint (Blueprint)
Armorer = Divine Plate Armor (Armor): Astral Chainmail (Armor)
Baker = Starry Night Cake (Cake): Heavenly Bread Loaf (Bread)
Bard = Enchanted Lute of Melodies (Lute): Magic Harp of Serenade (Harp)
Barkeeper = Mystic Elixir Shot (Shot): Enchanted Ale of Intoxication (Ale)
Beekeeper = Golden Honeycomb of Nectar (Honeycomb): Enchanted Beeswax of Stamina (Beeswax)
Blacksmith = Frostforged War Axe (Axe): Thunderstrike Battle Hammer (Hammer)
BoatPainter = Ocean's Triton Boat (Boat): Stormborn Sailing Vessel (Boat)
Bowyer = Mysticwood Longbow (Bow): Dragonfire Crossbow (Crossbow)
Butcher = Phoenixfire Steak (Steak): Dragonwing Drumstick (Drumstick)
Carpenter = Shadowed Oak Scepter (Wand): Dreamforged Anvil (Anvil)
Cook = Phoenix Cauldron (Pot): Sunfire Skillet (Pan)
CrabFisher = Enchanted Pearl Net (Fishing Net): Sea-Forged Harpoon (Spear)
DocksAlchemist = Sea-Blessed Flask (Potion): Abyssal Cauldron (Pot)
Farmer = Moonlit Plow (Farm Tool): Starlight Sickle (Sickle)
Fisherman = Bountiful Bait Bucket (Bucket): Storm-Tamed Fishing Rod (Fishing Rod)
Furtrader = Frostfur Cloak (Cloak): Golden Pelt-lined Cape (Cape)
Gardener = Enchanted Blossom Pruner (Scissors): Shadow Root Trowel (Trowel)
Glassblower = Eternal Flame Crucible (Furnace): Glassblower's Magic Paddle (Paddle)
GolemCrafter = Mithril Hammer (Hammer): Golden Chisel of Creation (Chisel)
HairStylist = Magic Scissors (Scissors): Silver Comb of Beauty (Comb)
Herbalist = Enchanted Herbs Pouch (Pouch): Healing Herb Censer (Censer)
InnKeeper = Enchanted Ale Keg (Keg): Hidden Ledger of Secrets (Book)
IronWorker = Ironheart Anvil (Anvil): Ironstrike Hammer (Hammer)
Jeweler = Enchanted Gem-cutting Wheel (Wheel): Jewel-setting Pliers of Precision (Pliers)
LeatherWorker = Dragonhide Stamping Press (Press): Enchanted Bone Knife (Knife)
Mage = Enchanted Quill of Power (Quill): Spellbook of Elements (Book)
Mapmaker = Cartographer's Enchanted Compass (Compass): Shadow Ink Quill (Quill)
Miner = Enchanted Pickaxe (Pickaxe): Lantern of Underground Illumination (Lantern)
Monk = Sacred Bell of Tranquility (Bell): Enchanted Meditation Robes (Robes)
Mystic = Enchanted Mystic's Tome (Book): Magic Amulet of Protection (Amulet)
Necromancer = Necrotic Skull of Power (Skull): Shadowed Staff of Undead (Staff)
Provisioner = Enchanted Bottomless Pouch (Pouch): Seasoned Sea Salt (Salt)
Rancher = Windrider Saddle (Saddle): Serpentsnare Rope (Rope)
Ranger = Featherlight Quiver (Quiver): Mysticwood Bow (Bow)
RealEstateBroker = Enchanted Golden Key (Key): Lord British Estate Deed (Deed)
Scribe = Enchanted Ink of Knowledge (Ink): Phoenix Quill of Immortality (Quill)
SeaMarketTavernKeeper = DeadSea Platter (Platter): Oceanic Tankard of Prosperity (Tankard)
Shipwright = Silver Anchor Chain of Durability (Chain): Water Spout Hammer of Strength (Hammer)
StoneCrafter = Pink Marble Chisel of Artistry (Chisel): Obsidian Mallet of Power (Mallet)
Tailor = Mystic Cloth (Cloth): Embroidery Needles of Enchantment (Needles)
Thief = Enchanted Lockpick (Lockpick): Shadow Cloak of Stealth (Cloak)
Trader = Golden Scales of Wealth (Scales): Trading Ledger of Prosperity (Ledger)
Weaponsmith = Forge of War (Forge): Battleblade of Victory (Blade)
Winemaker = Grape Press of Harvest (Press): Oak Barrel of Ageing (Barrel)
Woodcarver = Enchanted Woodcarving Knife (Knife): Timber Saw of Craftsmanship (Saw)


So are these like talismans or just artifacts that you haven't decided on an ItemID for yet?

Either way these look great might use some of these names for items if you don't mind. I'm pretty good at thinking up new systems or skills/hobbies in UO just not good naming stuff lol. My codes while I'm testing and actually initially coding have a bad habit of having class names like NameHere.


At the time they are just decor arty's, as I flesh out the Dynamic NPC system, I'll expand these to be functional arties!
Well I'll be watching (Labeled to send me notifications) this post. If you hit any snags let me know, I've gotten pretty good at BaseFile.cs manipulation to force attributes on items that don't normally carry them.