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Fishtank Crafter Quest! - Quest, Fishtank

This quest contains an addon also for reward, any locations can be
changed along with any changes to the mobs to fit your server.
*when a player accepts this quest, it will give an account tag.
There are 3 quest npcs along with 3 mob npcs(which drop items needed)
**The Fishtank Boat reward is pretty tall- would need to be placed on roof of a player's house
SS Of Fishtank Boat
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This looks like it'll be great. Unfortunately the link only goes to a txt file *about* it - no quest to be found.

Am I missing the obvious?
Very strange for sure! Don't know why it's not showing the zip download :/ maybe if any one has this they could upload it :)
Thanks to @ LimpBizquick I have uploaded the rar folder to my first post
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Not sure what you mean where is he? You mean in the scripts? They all need to be placed was there a readme? This is the readme for the quest-the download has this only :(


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