just out of curiosity even tho the curiosity killed the cat is there any way we can bring back the old school music sound track of uo from back in the day just wondering like i said food for thought Ultima Online Soundtrack - found this link and its making me want to add some real old school to my server figured we might be able to find em that's all thanks guys


If you mean the old midi files...I've looked into this before. I couldn't get the client to use the midi files...even though it's still capable of playing them. The client reads a config file which tells it which mp3 files are associated to the packets sent from the server. Server side, these mp3 associations are found in the regions.cs in the core files.
I was hoping to use the midi files for the musicbox...seemed more fitting than playing mp3's. But it wouldn't let me.

If/when Hotride stops working on Orion, I may see if I can't get that client to use midi files in addition to the mp3's (as it's all open source).