Frozen after log in


Apr 23, 2020
Not sure if I have posted this in the right forum, so apologies if not. Downloaded the servuo files, compiled, and server runs fine. Can log in, created GM, and appeared in Haven. After taking 4 steps though, character freezes. Can not open pack, or paperdoll, and health bar is missing in the status window. Figure this is probably a client issue perhaps, but not sure. Running SA client, and when opened it says " patch 9". Tried to search forums for character frozen issues, but didn't find any that were like what I was experiencing. Apologies if I have missed something.


Apr 11, 2018
Shard Name
Whispering Pines
Sounds like you need to use a newer client. The current ServUO supports only the modern era of the game, and has dropped support for clients using MUL files as a result. I don't remember where the switch to the UOP file format happened (yours definitely is still a MUL client) but a fully-patched client should play perfectly.

You probably have a warning message in the console window saying that the client files were not found.