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gauntlet of horror. - mod locate pm mover kinda quest not really.

this should work fine.
drag drop/////

Scripted by Jumpnjahosofat
This file is part of the Urshanabi Gauntlet System
I do not take credit for the files. Many are modified RunUO scripts.
This system is intended for drop in purposes so that it's easy for everyone to enjoy it.

Special to: Thistle, Lord Greywolf, Seltor, X-SirSly-X and Cheetah2003 for all the help on figuring out how to get those orbs to delete.
Thank you for taking interest in the Gauntlet of Horrors.

About The Gauntlet Of Horrors...
First off, this is meant to be a team event. No one player will be able to take out the entire thing. (unless you have an uber shard) ;)
It is meant for 4 players. All of which will need to be quite adept players to complete the entire thing.
Within this set of scripts you will find a mobile called skeleton2.cs This mobile is a typical skeleton with an additional loot drop.
It has a 1:7 chance to drop an orb (GSOrb). When this orb is double clicked, there are 4 orbs dropped into the players
pack. Each orb will also teleport a player somewhere. By default, the teleporters will take the players to some unused rooms
on my test server, the jail cells on most shards. You will need to edit the GTele orbs to make them send the players where you want.
Level 1
The four orbs will take the 4 team members to 4 different locations where they must solo a mobile. The mobile will carry with it an orb.
Level 2
After each player defeats the mobiles from level 1, they will find another orb on the corpse. This will teleport the players to level 2 where
they are paired with one of the other 3 team members to fight a stronger mobile. This translates to 2 team members vs. 1 stronger mobile.
Level 3
After the two teams of two players defeat the mobiles from level 2, they will find 2 orbs on the corpse. These orbs will teleport all 4 players to
a much much stronger mobile. This is the Gauntlet guardian. If the 4 team members are successful in killing the guantlet guardian, they will recieve
another orb. Once the orb is double clicked, it will transform into 4 more orbs. These orbs will teleport all 4 players to a specified location. This
location should be where the gauntletchampspawn is put.
Level 4
The Gauntlet Champion Spawn
The gauntlet champion spawn is your basic champ spawn that only has the highest level mobiles from the other spawns. (lichlords, rottingcorpses, dragons, etc.)
After the needed number of kills, the gauntlet lord will spawn and the players can beat him (if they can =o) He will spawn gold and powerscrolls. On death,
the gauntlet lord will drop 4 of the same artifact on the corpse. This is one per player and there is a 100% chance of it. I figure if they can get that far, they
deserve something to show for it. The artifacts are nicely rounded to fit on most any shard.
This is a drop in script. Just drop it into the custom folder and restart your server.
1: The first thing to do is to edit the orbs so that they make your players go to where you want them to go. Im taking it for granted that if you are reading this
document, that you would have no problem figuring out how to do that.
2: The level 1 Mobiles are: Ghastspirit, Spiritdamn, Soulspawn, Tombspirit. These mobiles will need to be spawned in the locations that you set the orbs 1 - 4
to send the players to.
3: The level 2 mobiles are: Evilsoul, Graverage. These mobiles will need to be spawned where you set orbs 5 and 6 to send your players to.
4: The level 3 mobile is Bonesoul. He will need to be spawned where you set orb 7 to send your players to.
5: The last level is the gauntletchampspawn. This will need to be set up in the area where you set orb 8 to send your players to.
There is no need to spawn Ursnanabi ( the gauntlet champ). Just drop the gauntlet champion spawn platform in and it will do the rest.
Item Description
Note: All orb self delete after 1 hour by default. This keeps the Gauntlet from being teamed up on by more than 4 people if you only spawn
the skeleton2 every hour.
GSOrb: Found on the supplied Skeleton2 mobile. When double clicked it will drop the GTele1, GTele2, GTele3 and GTele4 orbs into the players pack.
GFOrb: Found on Bonesoul, gauntlet guardian. When double clicked it will drop 4 "GTele8" orbs into the players pack.
GTele#: These orbs will teleport the players to different parts of the gauntlet.

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Could you please possibly write a semi-legible description of this release, and preferably all of your other releases as well? It seems with each submitted resource, your descriptions make less sense than the last.

Nobody should have to download and look through files to determine what it is they do, thats what the descriptions and overviews are for. Please and thank you.
I completely agree with you m309, though anyone who does not view the readme or look through a public script they download from anywhere is not offering themselves the most security and ease of mind. A proper description to a script(s) is key though in letting people know exactly what they're getting themselves into.

This is what google translate spits out (I can not read Russian fluently)
Well i moї demonic perevazhayut. vikladayuchi nightmare. bіl i stuggle zhyttya, nareshtі, zakіnchiti svіy hour. zadovolennya. whether weasel humor Meni s posmіshkoyu on vazhke zhyttya Tse bіlshe, nіzh seen.

So if anyone could assist in a proper translation or if you'd be so kind jase as to write up some kinda description off the top of your head we would all appreciate it greatly!
ill try to not let my "social" inabilities continue to be an issue. i have another release coming that i'm sure the community will enjoy. but ill make a very nice description to accompany :) enjoy