general good bye for now.

jase giffin

i finally did it. 25 k to move away from my small home to a nice restored place. it took as much as any uo server and ill misss you all. i almost hate myself to say your my friends. but there it is. the only friends i have. do well with servuo make it the next... we all meet to say uo is a thing of beauty. milva with highly adaptable craft pets to vorspire vita nex bad ass ery RoninGT, Ravenwofle....... continue, by all means continue. keep moving forward and at the end. show the world what you have to show for a timeless classic, something all but lost without you...... ill misss my fine uo till my return. when ever it is, treat your days as if they are your only. to my friends here at ServUO.
the real
static class BaleFire.......
or something like that


Gratz on your new home I'm sure you will really enjoy it :)
Of course you will be missed and hope you will return one day in the near future!! Take Care and yes we will be thinking of you :)


Congrats on the new house !!

We'll all miss you and hope that you come back soon :)

Good luck and be well