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Anyone got any update on Greater Dragons to make them more OSI-like ? My players are really fond of them, but I don't really know how to improve them.

They told me they should up Dex to 125 ?

I haven't been able to verify that on UoGuide or UoStratics.

I might go and check on OSI's Test Center though.

Thanks for any ideas on that :)

UOGuide has the correct stats for a Greater Dragon in the wild. However, on OSI, a Greater Dragon loses stats and skills after being tamed. ServUO does this as well, although the percentages may be off.

I do know that the dex is trainable to 125 on a Greater, not on a fresh tame, but on a trained one. I checked my Greater and he is 125.
OK thanks !

This is good news :)

I'll make some tests on my Test Center and see if I can train dex up to 125.
It looks like the default GreaterDragon with ServUO will get half its stats after tamed:

 if (version == 0)
				Server.SkillHandlers.AnimalTaming.ScaleStats(this, 0.50);
				Server.SkillHandlers.AnimalTaming.ScaleSkills(this, 0.80, 0.90); // 90% * 80% = 72% of original skills trainable to 90%
				this.Skills[SkillName.Magery].Base = this.Skills[SkillName.Magery].Cap; // Greater dragons have a 90% cap reduction and 90% skill reduction on magery

public static void ScaleStats(BaseCreature bc, double scalar)
if (bc.RawStr > 0)
bc.RawStr = (int)Math.Max(1, bc.RawStr * scalar);
if (bc.RawDex > 0)
bc.RawDex = (int)Math.Max(1, bc.RawDex * scalar);
if (bc.RawInt > 0)
bc.RawInt = (int)Math.Max(1, bc.RawInt * scalar);
if (bc.HitsMaxSeed > 0)
bc.HitsMaxSeed = (int)Math.Max(1, bc.HitsMaxSeed * scalar);
bc.Hits = bc.Hits;
if (bc.StamMaxSeed > 0)
bc.StamMaxSeed = (int)Math.Max(1, bc.StamMaxSeed * scalar);
bc.Stam = bc.Stam;

It does not look like this effects the max dex, int, or str. However, it does effect the max hits and max stamina (which it should!). So, the greater dragon should have the ability to gain dex to a value between 81 and 148, depending on the stats it had before taming:

this.SetDex(81, 148);
Thanks Ravenwolfe !

Two of my players confirmed the Greater Dragons on my shard weren't abled to be trained. I will investigate why

But anyway, thanks for your help! :)
I came across an issue once that a creature was not able to be trained up further because of a natural skillcap of 700. You might check and see if that's the problem.
You are perfectly right ! I increased the StatCap to 1225 (maybe a bit too high ...), and it seems to be working :)
Thanks again !
Stats of the Greater Dragon decreased once it's tamed.However Stam value doesn't increase altough Dex increasing. How Can I solve this problem??

Greater Dragon Stat Sample :

Dex 70
Stam 70

Stat Up
Dex 100
Stam 70
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Stamina is the issue and should be removed. This is making my tamers crazy and many have reported it to me since I have a few custom dragons based off the Greater Dragon released here.
Stamina can not be raised and dex should be trainable to 125 max. There was a discussion on this on UODemise a while ago, not that that is the do all die all factor on this:

I mixed them up. Dex can train on the greater dragons, but it's Stamina that stays locked to the set value. Stamina, though, is what affects swing speed, not dex. So, they will attack slowly forever (because of locked stamina).

When Addo mentioned them, I vaguely remembered an issue with this a long time go on that UODemise dev forum. You know, the one that was supposed to take over RunUO development, which lasted about a minute. Anyway, I did some digging and found the post: www.uogamers.com/community/index.php?threads/552702/#post-4055350 Eos, one of the last devs for RunUO admitted that the greater dragons were set up wrong:
Their stamina is indeed incorrect, it should be exactly the same as their dex after some OSI verification (which makes UOGuide and Stratics both wrong). This will be fixed (also retroactively) soon, so that stamina will become trainable to 125.

To fix them, just remove the line that says: SetStam( 120, 135 );. Removing the line should make greater's stamina behave properly when constructing new ones. It won't fix already existing dragons though. Will need to delete them (and replace with new ones) or you could add a serialize check (a sketchy area for me still).

Now my questions - since I am going to go through with removing the stamina issue - is there a way to deserialize stamina?

Im thinking......no :/
ANy thoughts on this would be welcome!

Shazzy :]
Got around to testing this. There was a minor issue on deserialization but it's fixed now and on HEAD. Existing Greater Dragons will have their stamina uncapped on load, so StamMax will equal Dex.