Greatest Video Game Of All Times!


Hmmm for me Mortal Kombat series will always rank high on my lists....

N64 Golden Eye will always be beastly

and Mario World 64!

Showing my age?

Whats your thoughts!


Golden Eye....multi-player with proximity bombs was the greatest! LOL
I still enjoy some of the classic NES games (I have a console that players both NES and SNES games) like Castlevania, Ghouls and Ghosts and Bad Dudes. :)
Sometimes I'm just in the mood for Asteroids though ;)


My favorite of all time is Ultima VII
Also River City Ransom for NES
Also seeing as where we all are, UO has to be a contender!
A lot of Jeff Minters games on the Commodore 64 I loved, always colourful with lots going on in them.
Paradroid was also something I liked on the C64 too.

Pretty much most from 1980 > 1995 on various platforms, back then it seemed there was more thought and inspiration went into games design... before large companies popped up and people wrote things from home. (my era)

UO in my minds the cult MMORPG game which started it all... just a shame EA games didn't look after it right (in my opinion).


ServUO Developer
Ultima (online for me, never played the single players)
Might and Magic I through VI (pc)
Shadowrun (SNES)
Elder Scrolls (pc, entire series - but most especially Daggerfall)


Fingers, you brought back some buried memories with Commodore 64. Loved Double Dragon and Beach Head lol
Moved in to Colecovision shortly after all that and Atari ;)


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I've built a few arcade machines using the MAME emulator, so I'm partial to old arcade games like Kicker, Joust, Defender, and most of all, Dragon's Lair.

I guess for pc games i miss the old Kings Quest series.
I still have MAME on the PC, Joust still is fun (sad eh lol) and as for defender... my hands never had enough fingers to play that very well ;)
Remember Robotron, got that too but tricky with 8 keys to play !!!

After my Commodore64 I got hold of an Amiga, which at the time was such a step up. Did a house tidy one day and dug it out, plugged it in and thought... ewww I used to think this was great lol.

Funny when you look back at some of the older stuff and think a long time ago this was cutting edge.