Just wanted to say hello and hope that the site will be of great use. I'm used to run a 1.0 version of RunUO and it was highly customized with a lot of the great scripts that were released back then. I've already been trying various versions/forks of RunUO in hopes of finding something more up2date but also hope that I can possibly look at the serialization threads to get my old world saves to load with a minimal loss of items/etc. Its going to take an inordinate amount of time I think to possibly get everything we once has included in the newest versions.

Good to see that people are still enjoying running shards and scripting. My knowledge of C# has greatly improved(but am still just a little more than a beginner) over the past few years and looking at the scripts now compared to then is much easier to follow and understand than then. Actually knowing why/how things work instead of just copy/pasting information.

Welcome Mage Master, I just got here as well and am excited by all this amazing stuff, and goings on lets the mind be creative.....