Had some questions, might seem simple but I'm completely new to this. Thanks


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Feb 18, 2019
So I am working on a proof of concept test shard. What I eventually want to work on is a PvP only game that is not a shard at all but built on the mechanics of UO. The finished product would allow the player to choose template characters that have set skills, stats, equipment and abilities for scheduled fights and during those fights be able to upgrade to stronger templates by earning points. I am far from getting there and after speaking with a few developers it seems the best way to go about it would be to create a proof of concept on a simple server and then expand to what I envision.

So what I can gather the simplest way to create this initial shard would be to have players be able to purchase skill ball like items to adjust their skills, stats and equipment. Then have players earn gold when damaging or killing enemies which would allow them to buy better skill ball templates.

So here are my questions, any suggestions or help would be immensely appreciated. Also, if possible speak to me as if I have never done any of this, which is the best description of my experience.

1) So right now I have been working on editing skillballplus.cs to the adjustments I need however I was wondering, is there a script out there that does not involve picking skills but applies predetermined skills, stats and equipment? I have seen skill gates out there, but I dont think it would not work with the ability to purchase upgrades. Additionally, I have found the line to diminish all unpicked skills to 0 after applying skill ball, is there a way to erase players inventory at the same time?

2) How do I disable VvV and enable/edit factions? I want to create a basic, team A vs team B, first to X amt of kills wins. Again just for a very simple proof of concept game.

3) How can I award gold (or an edited item similar to gold) for pvp damage and kills? I thought of using gold for simplicity as I can have vendors sell the skill ball items and not have to worry about creating another item the vendors would have to accept. Is this a good idea?

As you can tell I have a very long road ahead of me and this will not be the first time I am asking for help but any assistance would be helpful. I am passionate about this project and want to see if it works out as I do think it will create a unique and fun experience for both UO vets and new players alike.


Mar 3, 2013
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Config folder- look for VvV.cfg set in this to false- factions will then be enabled
Might consider setting Honesty to false also
Your Datapath.cfg you would need to set to your game client location
The rest of information I will leave up to the scripters :)