Greetings all,

Figured it was time to formally introduce myself as I will be around more often . I am Vividan, a UO Developer and Content Writer for both fun and profit.

My Online Gaming background is extensive, dating all the way back to UO's founding, and stretching over the whole gambit of genres, thus giving me a keen sense of the wants and needs of the Players.
I have worked closely with Tresdni on various projects over the past few years, as well as having the pleasure to work with Voxpire from time to time.
I look forward to helping out here on Serv, as well as the future opening of Unbound with Tresdni.

I am always open to chat and shoot ideas off of so feel free to shoot me over a PM if you so feel the desire.

I'll be seeing you all around.

Fare Thee Well.
I think having you on the ServUO team will be a plus, so amazing all the work which has been coming forth for UnBound!