I know it requires using GD library in php and such, and I've done some pretty extensive maps api work before, just wondering if any of you have made any progress with this yet, willing to share what you've done so far, etc etc.

If not, no biggy, I basically just want to display a popup map with a vendor location pinned.
ive not done anythink like this myself but i have seen it done here..

I actually used to this when searching for items on OSI servers and worked very well.. Might help ya.
Ah i got ya now..

Looks quite impressive that and the ability to pin vendors would be a great addition to Unbound
Mark gave me access to the private repository for the map generation used on Zenvera.

The condition is that I should contribute back to his project with any necessary features that are stemmed from it.
That means if I develop it into a fully-fledged service, that I should update it accordingly for Mark if he wants those changes - which is perfect and I'm extremely happy to do so.
The issue is finding the time to do it and that it's a private repository for a reason, so I can't just share out the source code (same agreement I have with him about the Razor source).
You guys know me though, I already have a ton on my plate and I always bite off more than I can chew, it would be great to get a team together to work on these things, but in these two cases, I can't so I apologise in advance for dangling the proverbial candy in front of y'all :p

I will talk to Mark about the mapping project as soon as I can, it could greatly benefit the entire RunUO community but it's completely understandable that he wants it to remain a unique feature of Zenvera for as long as possible, after all, he did put a lot of work into it, it's not easy converting the co-ordinate system to support a euclidean format. :)