Hello all... mobile client?


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May 31, 2019
Hey guys old time UO player here. Recently got back involved because of the absolute best server UO Outlands. But I've been thinking for years I searched for a mobile mmo like UO. Nothing has came close, would it be possible to create a client for android that would connect to a servuo server ? Obviously the shard itself would have to be extremely customised to make it suitable for mobile play but with a good client and some good coding would it be possible ?

I'm already full of ideas how to make UO suitable for mobile play.

I've got ideas and I've got funds. I can't code at all. Anyone wanna team up ?


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Mar 21, 2015
The idea is great on paper. But there are too many issues around it.

First of all, you need to have a server that only allows mobile. (computers will respond faster, even a 3D client on a computer loses to a 2D) Then you need to strip out a lot of the features from the game and especial the grinding part. Just think of training hiding on mobile for 8 hours to GM it. there is also an issue with standing next to an enemy that you wish to attack, which at the same time is running away from you. all you got is your fingers or some screen arrows. Even the first and really old version is to complex for a mobile user. We should not talk about building houses and stuff like that or lock down items that require that you need to target pixels to put items on top of each other. These are some of the main reasons you haven't seen it on mobile.

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May 31, 2019
But you are thinking in terms of a carbon copy of UO. I'm not. The beauty of servuo is the customizations. So we change how the game works.. new map. Dumb down the ai.. change skillgain as necessary as for interacting and ckicky stuff that comes under the new client but I can't really see anything that can't be done with new client and a reimaginig of the game.. for example for mining of crafting you could just need to arm a tool and have use item in hand button... then it automatically tries to gather from a node you're facing.. can work for bringing up crafting menus.. targeting can be changed. Movement via joystick.. the mobile market is huge and if you put it on play store people would love it. Even a dumbed down UO is a million times better then anything out there.


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Dec 4, 2014
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Anything is possible.

If you look at the evolution of gaming out there, there is a huge mobile market. Many people don't even have a PC any more. They use Android tablets, iPads, phones, or even watches. With VR headsets and virtual gaming gloves, the opportunity for complex interactions with a mobile device become nearly unlimited.

Have a look at this game I just found called Grow Stone Online:

Sorry for advertising another game here, but at the moment it's technically not in competition with UO since it's a mobile game, right?

Anyway, the game-play is very basic, but the way they handle commands, access your pack, allow for resource gathering, crafting, and even PVP, it starts to resemble a slim version of something like an Ultima game - or maybe Final Fantasy - but anyway, the point is that it shows that this type of game-play is definitely possible.

This doesn't mean that the ServUO code could get ported easily to a mobile platform, but the basic ideas could. If someone started small, and grew from there, continually releasing new content, it would most definitely be doable. As much as most of us don't like Pay to Win, most of the mobile game development out there tends to use that mechanic in the form of in-app purchases, but as with any shard here, if you limit the purchases to deco, character beautification, titles, etc. then you could still generate the revenue necessary to "keep the lights on" without letting it drift into Pay to Win.