New on the forum and wanted to say hello! Just now starting to dabble in the server side of things with UO. Played back in the mid-2000's quite a bit (late start) - have been playing on a freeserver for a little over a year and have got the UO bug back hard.

I used to code in Basic, Pascal and a little ASP / JS / PHP. That was a long time ago - and decided it was time to get back into coding as well - missed the challenge. No experience in C# but doesn't look too horrible....but I must say I am rather intimidated by all of the new (to me) SVN stuff out there with all the forks and strange language used on the git sites, etc. Time will cure that one ahah moment at a time, I suppose!

Another thing really intimidating is the pure amount of variants of things I see out there. Hard to tell what the base is in anything! :) RunUO, OpenUO, ServUO, CraftUO - old utilities with 8 pages of fixes to get them working, dependencies of one utility to load another, etc, etc! I sense a few frustrating days in the future! :)

Again - time will take care of most of that. Look forward to learning from / with you folks!

Welcome to Servuo! ) Your correct just having some patience and the will to learn will carry you with creating a server. Any questions you might have feel free to post we have a bunch of great people on these forums always ready to help any one in need :)
Welcome aboard!

If it wasn't for pulling your hair out in bloody clumps and deskfacing your nose into the keyboard repeatedly while building a shard, where would the fun be at the end!?
Hello, and welcome, yes it can be a devil of a time with running a server but after you have all your tantrums out it is worth it enjoy......
Don't forget, feel free to ask question if you are having trouble, and as long as they are well thought out you will find that people are very willing ot help you out.
Thank you all for the warm welcome - I assure you there are likely to be questions! I understand well that vague, open-ended questions usually lead nowhere fast - so will try to avoid that! I am trying to formulate a few that will help clear a little of the fog that all of this information is creating!

One big question - are there favorite tutorials you can recommend?
**Edit: should have read - "other then those on RunUO forums"**

The reason: I have the ServUO server running just fine - I already understand that I should have a "working folder" copy and a mainstream copy, but I would like some reading material on the leap from "hey, I got a server running" to "here's some thoughts on merging other people's work into my server". I've downloaded and installed WinMerge (never used -so need to learn that a little). As an example - I love gold ledger from my current freeserver (as a player) - I find one out there (Alpha's), I start including it, then it says I need Xanthos Utilities, and I start down that lots of work to do there...just looking for any favorite tutorials to help smooth the way a bit, and help me avoid some common pitfalls.

Thanks again!
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@Gold Matterson Try looking in the ServUO Archive on these forums I uploaded a copy of Daat99's OWLTR 3.0 it contains a gold ledger you can just enable or upload the gold ledger script from that I believe.