This is my anti-bot post.

I started UO with Renaissance. I played on Lake Superior, I was a high ranking member of Moonglow Defence Force [MDF]. We helped manage and run a few Official Events on Lake Superior (No, I was never granted Counselor or Seerer privileges). Some of you may remember me from RunUO as SimonOmega. I wrote scripts to bring back old school bone containers, killable guards, and tried to fix a few Linux Mono issues. Ran an server called UO Grace (it was more Renaissance than Hybrid was) for a small stint. Jumped to ServUO when RunUO went belly up. Created a map set that merged all the patches and content for Felucca and Trammel up to Mondain's Legacy. I also rebuild Magincia accuratly in those map sets (and removed the snow). I created some XML spawners for old school Haven and Magincia. I wrote a UO Patching Server in Python as a Proof of Concept. A few people forked the GitHub and added patches clean back to Pub 16. It helped some server admins force players to a common version. Then Life happened and I have been gone till now.

If you remember me say, "Hi!"
Welcome back indeed, It'll be nice not having to dig out my copies of your work if people ask for it lol.