Hello everybody, I just wanted to Introduce myself to the community.

I'm an old fart, I used to play when UO was first released. I had to take a long hiatus do to health issues, moving and so on. So it's been a long time since I last played. I recently regained my interest in UO, but I could not bring myself to pay for a subscription to a game that was as old as UO, Which led me searching for alternatives.

All my searching lead me to your fabulous forums, which I have learned how (very slowly) to get the latest ServUO, compile and start up the server, and add in nerun's distro, ect ect.
I'm not great at computers or other new fangled things. I am dedicated though,
It took me some time just to figure out how to get ServUO downloaded and working, With all this turtle git, my git, create respitory here, pull this, clone that, oh for heavens sakes I need something else to make (this) work so I can make (that) work so I can just download something! My Gosh!
I bet I deleted the server a dozen times before I had it populated with npc's and monsters. What can I say. I'm an old guy trying to learn new tricks. But it's been all fun in the making and I've learned a lot in the process.
Anyway, I just wanted to say hello to everybody, and say thank you for all the hard work everyone has put into this community.
I'm sure I'll have questions here and there. as I would like to try out that FS shrink system and the taming bod system. those sounds really interesting.
I hope everyone has a wonderful day.

Welcome aboard Oldguy65, you'll find that many of us might be young in years - but we're old at heart! Let us know if you have questions along your ServUO journey and we'll do our best to help.
Hey YoungMan, heh. There's just no way I'll be able to call you Old Guy, as I'm not a spring chicken myself anymore like some of these other whipper snappers. ;) Welcome to ServUO nonetheless ;)
Thank you for all the welcomes everyone. I'm glad to be here :)
I would have replied earlier but internet service provider was being butt heads today.