Hello everyone!

Long time lurker and collector of UO paraphernalia stumbling into a fresh pot of UO goodness! ^^

It's fantastic to see a project that is "alive" and filled with familiar people and progress. For too long has this community been needing a new home and fresh perspective. I'm glad to have found this community and hope to share my collection with you all!

Welcome to the ServUO community Anatake. I too am a collector of all things Ultima and Ultikma Online.
I have Ultima 1 - 8 on floppy disk and cd, Ultima 9: Ascention: Dragon Edition, UO Mousepad, UO Action Figures, Cloth map from Ultima 7 Serpents Isle and T2A cloth map. Some other stuff i'm forgetting for some reason... But yeah I'm a Ultima Junkie.

Anyways... I hope you find a fresh start here successful. The community here is far more active then else where.