i need help, i want to make insured item, and blessed items to be auto
re-equipped upon resurrection.. and i can't find how to apply that.

Note: I found that the Script Runuo's PlayerMobile.cs is different from Servuo's PlayerMobile.cs
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I think in PlayerMobile.OnDeath, it sets up a list of all equipment but doesn't actually retain it, so you need to mess with that.

_EquipSnapshot = null;

Try this instead;
_EquipSnapshot = new List<Item>( Items );
ServUO - [http://www.servuo.com] Version 0.5, Build 5052.2132
Publish 54
Core: Optimizing for 2 64-bit processors
RandomImpl: CSPRandom (Software)
OpenUO Error: Client files not found.
Scripts: Compiling C# scripts...Failed with: 1 errors, 0 warnings

+ Mobiles/PlayerMobile.cs:
CS0103: Line 2786: The name '_EquipSnapshot' does not exist in the current context

Scripts: One or more scripts failed to compile or no script files were found.
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if i put m_EquipSnapshot = new List<Item>( Items );
i get no errors but equipped items (insured or blessed) go to backpack.
and for insurred if you're a young, you loss money.