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Ultima Expansion
What do the last set of numbers represent? (1044294 & 1041267)
index = this.AddCraft(typeof(Runebook), 1044294, 1041267


Those are Cliloc numbers. 1044294 is "Other", and 1041267 is "Runebook".
Thanks...one more question. Where can I find cliloc numbers for items?
I have UOFiddler, but doing a search I can't find the one I want. PowerScroll. Would help if I knew where to look.
I just did a search in UOFiddler "other" and nothing came up.
Don't know if you can search for the actual word itself with UOFiddler, maybe look for the PowerScroll.CS file and view the script, it 'should' be in there i expect.

Hope that helps ;)


Drop this in your customs folder, (if you don't have one, create it). It should just work then use [cliloc in game. you can search clilocs by name or number