Help with making Golden Grizzly things.

john burns

Mar 12, 2014
Michigan, USA
Shard Name
Vachia Droylia
I have made a gold grizzly bear quest (named after a local college mascot near me).

I would like it to drop standard loot, special loot named and hued (golden grizzly fur), and special hides name and hued (golden grizzly hide).

I DO NOT want it to drop its standard fur and hides, I would like to override and cancel that. And can I make this script a stand-alone script where I don't need to reference basecreature.cs at all? (I might use this example for making more quest monsters, I know it might be easier the other way, but I want control.)

I would also like the vendor to take the fur as payment for buying special quest items the vendor sells.

I already did most of the work and got things working, but still not satisfied with how things work.