One thing I forgot to mention. I updated the ServUO Repo to include this update, so if you are downloading the Repo you do not need to also download this.
This was added to servuo several years ago so most likely nothing really. If you look at the picture attached to this it has a Params: box that you can put additional parameters into, If yours has that you already have this.
It is different.
When i went to see if was the same i noticed 10 lines of code in the .cs different and the [Add was not in the list.


When i use some of the other Add options it does have Params, but they don't seem to accept anything i put in it.

I am most likely using it wrong.. but i do see a difference to what im using compared to what was being used.
The params only work when the command has additional param input, AddDoor doesn't. It would be odd for yours to not have Add. HelpInfo adds the commands in the gump dynamically from the commands available on the server. If you add a new command it will get put into the list as long as it is setup correctly. As far as the 10 line difference most scripts in ServUO has been changed over the last 7 years. The purpose of this release was to add the param box nothing else.

This if from the current download of ServUO.

Screenshot 2022-01-23 110529.jpg
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I've added several commands to my server that don't come with servuo and as I said they get auto-added to helpinfo.

HelpInfo.cs doesn't have a list of commands in it. It adds commands that have been registered to the command system and makes a list of them sorted by access level

If i type [add
I get the Add Menu top right.
If i type [addmenu
I get the Search bottom right.

100% donot have an Add command in the [helpmenu.
What version did you download you said was current? it had the Add command in the [helpinfo ?
I just downloaded and setup 57.1 released Nov 16, 2021. When I log in and use [helpinfo I get:


I'm not sure what's going on with yours.
Odd, I did the test on windows 10 I'm not sure if OS would matter or not as I've never ran UO on anything but windows, only thing I changed after extracting it was in DataPath.cfg to set the path to an up to date uoclient.
So broadswords latest client? what version is yours?

Is what im using.

Changed client versions and had no change in the [helpinfo

*changed the DataPath.cfg to the Broadsword dir, it was commented out #CustomPath=
I get the same result.
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Really wishing that "Getting started wiki" was still around that everyone used to have access to.
I dont know the procedure to check what im doing wrong.