High Seas Ship Hold


Jul 4, 2017
Hi guys, I'm looking into how to adjust some settings for the High Seas Galleon ship holds.

The server runs ServUO and latest repo.

A couple of issues I have with it currently 1) the gump is too small in classic, and 2) containers within it hold too little (400)

From what I can tell the file to adjust is GalleonHold.cs

For Issue 1)

At line 33:
public override int DefaultGumpID => 0x4C;

Containers.cfg seems to lay out the setting for all the different container gumps.

It is hard to tell which is which though and I was struggling to find SmallCrate, MediumCrate, and LargeCrate in the repo to pull the GumpID since these have a large container gump when enabled in the client settings and a look that would be appropriate for a ship hold.

For issue 2)

At line 30 :
public override bool IsDecoContainer => false;

What would changing this to "=> true" actually do? I tried finding "IsDecoContainer" elsewhere to determine what it actually does. The only other reference that I could find to it was in Container.cs but again with no description of what it does.

I'm wondering if it is the setting to enable containers within to act as if in a secured container in a house or in the bank with a larger weight limit.

Also could this change affect other functionality?

If I'm totally on the wrong path could someone please point me to the correct one.

Any help would be appreciated!High Seas Hold 001.jpg


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Nov 17, 2015
The ship would need to be turned into a "house" essentially to circumvent the crates in the hold to go beyond their normal holding capacity. Not sure how that would be done.

The real thing here that would be useful is how to get the hold to look like a large crate gumpid. So know which that is would be cool.
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Ok figured out the gump. Setting it to ID: 73 will allow it to see the large chest gump if it is enabled.
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