Hi all,

About how much horsepower does ServUO need to handle about 20 connections at time? Is that a reasonable amount to consider for a peak time?
I don't understand your concern here. Servuo can handle upwards of 1000+ connections.
This isn't the dark ages for UO emulation anymore.
You might want to do a little digging on the history of servuo, I'll give you the short version. RunUO -> ForkUO -> ServUO
I've never found horses to be a reliably method of powering a server. They tend to fluctuate in their ability to maintain peak power.

Plus they crap everywhere.

Your question is hard to answer. As Hank said, its not about what ServUO can handle, there is no real limitation there. It comes down to the strength of your server and your amount of bandwidth. Then, you have to consider things like: how many items in the game, how many gumps open, etc.

As far as 20 connections at once, that doesn't require much at all and most decent home computers can handle it with a decent internet connection (not satellite or rural wireless). Any entry level VPS can handle 20 connections as well.
Thank you for the input. Would 8GB of ram be OK with 35/35MB ?
That is plenty. You could get away with 1 to 2gbs of ram and less download and upload, but it never hurts to have more.
For only 20 people, if you don't want to host it at home. I also suggest looking at virtual server hosting. It can be cheap and sometimes certain hosts offer package deals for even better savings.
Well, I did some digging in my lab and found a spare windows o/s ... I am now about 90% committed to this server configuration of S5000PSL Intel Xeon Board, with 2 CPU's @ 2 cores 2.4 GHZ, 8GB Ram, system drive of 80 GB and drive for UO 1TB. I had considered bringing it down a peg to a x86 server (HPDL140, 4GB ram)

I will be cranking this up over the next couple of months and lets see what it can do!