House Customizing Weirdness...


I was building a new house, and ran into an odd problem. In the customize screen the house looks fine, it 'commits' fine. But... the actual finished house has a lot of stray staircases in it. They block movement on that floor. I have no idea where they came from or how to get rid of them. When I go back into customize - they are not, so cannot be removed. I tried my Admin account and could not 'remove' or 'move' them. I have reset the server, to no avail.

Other than demolishing the house and starting over (I would rather not)... any ideas on what to do or how it happened?



I fought this battle years ago when I moved a shard from 5.9x to 7.x clients due to the artwork expansions over the years. It hinged on the
            TileMatrixPatch.Enabled = false; // OSI Client Patch

            MultiComponentList.PostHSFormat = true; // OSI Client Patch
settings in MapDefinitions.cs after actually implementing such things in a RunUO RC 2.0 server core.

However, I think you're running the current server with no old baggage to retain so those are probably already correct. I notice you're using the enhanced client -- do you have the same artifacts if you make a house using the classic client?


It is a brand new shard, I had not tried Classic. BRB

Well... that seemed to fix it. In the classic client, the stairs were visible in the customize screen, so I deleted them. Still not sure what happened, but glad it was an easy fix ha ha. I would never have thought to look at it in Classic.


I'm not a coder by any means, but the enhanced client seems to have a lot of issues with house customization. The roof will drop anything higher than 5 levels down to the floor below, but in CC you can use all 6 with no problem. Even if you love the EC, I'd recommend doing any house customization in CC.