I ran a live stream last night on twitch, the first 15 minutes go over getting EVERYTHING you need to set up a ServUO server from the very beginning. Also, a couple super important Visual Studio hotkeys that will make your life way easier when digging through the code (or any code)! After that first 15 minutes I continue developing a custom flexible loot system that I think has very big advantages over the built-in RunUO version :) (I have posted the other videos of that live stream on the same Youtube channel in case you want to see how I go about developing / debugging my code... the very first "Part 1: 1/5" video I did I actually run through a quick overview of how RunUO works too :)


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This is very cool, I have considered adding some tutorials here myself and always thought doing them in video format is the easiest way to explain things.
Thanks :) videos sure make things less intimidating, though eventually you learn (usually hard way) that most things must be figured out through the "rtfm" approach :)... Assuming there is reasonably good documentation somewhere, that is!