Hi all! Currently working on a custom RunUO shard and am considering going through the tons of work it would take for me to switch to ServUO. I'm really loving the things going on here, but considering it may put me back 1-2 months on development to bring all my custom stuff up to par, I'm not 100% sure it's worth it.

Anyone got any good reasons that I may not have considered on why I should (or should not) make the switch?
The top 2 reasons:

1. Updated content
2. Continued development (RunUO is stagnant currently)

Also, I'd shoot at an upgrade taking much less than you anticipate...maybe a week at most depending on the amount of custom content you have. Most custom content works flawlessly from RunUO to ServUO, the majority of the tweaks needed would be minor and certainly no rewrites.
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I moved my 6month+ work in progress highly customized shard from Runuo to Servuo a few months ago. The change honestly was not too difficult. Due ServUO being ForkUO being a fork of Runuo. almost everything that works on Runuo Works on Servuo.
If you already have a very heavily modified runuo server and you are not up for the task of re-doing scripts or attempting to merge scripts then I would suggest you stick with runuo as to not cause an extended downtime on your shard. Gain more knowledge on C# and how it works along with how runuo/servuo both work the best you can and then make an attempt on the side at trying to convert to servuo.

I converted my heavily modified runuo server over to servuo a few months agos, The thing that made it a breeze for me is that i kept everything i did very, very well documented. I keep a in detail changelog and I keep unique keywords commented into my major scripts that i note in the changelog. So every major addition or edit i've done I can search for the keyword and instantly find what I know I've done.

It can be difficult if you haven't documented your edits to quickly and almost seamlessly convert. So I guess after this long winded post I suggest to you that you should begin documenting your runuo shard's edits or just take a day or so and go full force at it. Servuo is the future in my opinion and it will have better bug fixxes in the long run.
Thanks for the replies. I think I'll give the conversion a go over the next few days and see just how much work it's going to be.

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