Nice to meet you all. I've recently returned from a long absence from RunUO (back when it was RC1) in which I have been back playing on OSI shards. I decided to start playing around with emulation again and found my way here. I downloaded ServUO and must say that I am very impressed!

P.S. I have an xml file for a complete spawn using xmlspawner that seems to be more current/accurate then the one you are currently packing. Its not mine, but I would be happy to share it if someone wants to direct me to the proper forum to place it. It has all the spawns in one file, not divided out like the current one, but it has some missing things such as sequential spawners for the Abyss mini champs and some missing teleporters.
Welcome back!!! It's good to see more people returning back. I would love to check out your XML file for the spawns I am working on fixing some missing spawns now currently. If you want send it to me in a pm.


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