I know there is a hue room addon for runuo, was just wondering if there is one for ServUO or would the one from runuo work here also, any help is greatly appreciated, thanx.
I have not seen one posted here, unless some one has a hue room script they would like to share :) You could throw the one in you have and if any error's just post under script support, suggestion with posting add your error's plus the script in code tags :)
I have the hue room generator scripts but the patch file (hue.mul) doesn't go to 2999 so a bunch of my statues are black, im sorry I have no idea on how to do hue file creations.
Was a hue.mul file given with the download for that script? If so just make a backup copy of your hue.mul file (in your game folder not the server folder)
Then remove yours and just add the one given with the download. BUT keep in mind that any one who wants to see these special hues, (those who play your server) will also need to do the same thing with the hue.mul file.
yeah it came with a hue.mul file but not all the statues are hued. im trying to figure out how to had the other kolors into it but I need to figure out what I need to open a MUL file with so it isn't all widgets and such, I cant read widget, lol
UOFiddler can add, edit, delete, replace etc the hues.mul file very easily.

Latest versions here: http://uofiddler.polserver.com/

I'd personally recommend compiling the source yourself though, since a few updates were made after the latest release that fixed some annoying bugs.
ok ill try that im working on my uofiddler also at this time and I can only get like animation and texture to work everything else is blank and I have set the path manually.....ugh, im really starting to dislike this windows 8, lol
Are you running a client that utilizes the new .uop files? I'm pretty sure Fiddler is not compliant with them, so you'll have to convert them to .mul and then back.

Edit: I use win 8, and have never had an issue with Fiddler. Can you be more specific as to the problem you're having?
So you'll definitely want to convert your .uop files to .mul format. I believe a person named _Epila_ on RunUO released a UOFiddler plugin that handles doing that, and I think RunUO has a standalone converter as well.
ok I will have check that out and according to the hues on the fiddler I have up there is a lot of solid black hue numbers, I will just have to delete those statues and then figure it out, thanx for the help im off to go to runuo and look for it thanx again for the help
Not a problem, and to clarify - yes there are a lot of Blank everythings in stock UO files: art slots, land/texture slots, hue slots, gump slots, etc etc.
Strange, so he provided a hue.mul file which didn't handle all of the #of hues.
Or did they do this so you could add your own hues also? Just wondering :)
according to uofiddler the ones that are plain black are plain black even in the hue room. like hue number 1800 so now I need to either find a hue file that has all 3000 colors in it or try and make my own hue.mul file so all 3000 tubs are colored.
ok here is what I have ........the hues.mul is the so called patch. and running win8 I have to have the original hues file in it and the new one had to be renamed to Hues2.


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@Damien Darkwater - I don't think I've ever seen a hue file that has all 3000 colors filled. You can download any stock UO client from the 1.x.x.x's all the way into the 30-whatevers it is now and there are still around 50-60% empty black slots. Same for art, gumps, anims, land etc etc.

With any .mul file, you can't just rename it and have it work, the client will only recognize the original hues.mul, so you have to overwrite it. The only case I've ever known about where you can add a new file to the client and have it recognized is map, statics and staidx used in conjunction with something like UltimaLive or code modifications.

@Milva - No clue why OSI, EA, Mythic has so many empty slots everywhere, but its a 100% blessing to the freeshard community :cool:
I have never actually seen any shard use all 3000 hue slots either... there is always a few hundred left over that are pure black.
Also just so i'm clear,. this hue room script is a room that shows off all the hues right?
3000 hues is actually more then you think for UO.
This kind of brings up something i've been experimenting with,.. I've been trying to replicate the hues of certain items. let's say you have a buckler normally the art it self is colored. I've been experimenting with hueing to replicate the original color of objects. with little success due to how hueing works, I've only managed to make some items partially hue-able. *sigh*
its a 100% blessing to the freeshard community
Amen! *drops to the ground in praise*
the hue room script is an actual working hue room u clik the tubs and can hue even items u r wearing. sooooo ok I will just figure a way to adjust and take out the pure black tubs. thanx for all the help ladies and gents.