Working on the High Seas fishing!

I have not found one out there yet! Thought I might get to work on it and all I really need from people right now as I could not find these some fish on OSI and get the Hue from I was wondering if perhaps the Community could perhaps tell me if they knew them by memory or perhaps have an OSI account and the fish with them etc???? :)

awww.uoguide.com_images_f_fa_Abyssal_dragonfish.png Abyssal Dragonfish - FOUND!!!
awww.uoguide.com_images_5_57_Black_marlin.png Black Marlin - FOUND!!!!
awww.uoguide.com_images_5_57_Blue_marlin.png Blue Marlin - FOUND!!!
awww.uoguide.com_images_9_95_Dungeon_pike.png Dungeon Pike - FOUND!!!!
awww.uoguide.com_images_3_34_Giant_samurai_fish.png Giant Samurai Fish - FOUND!!
awww.uoguide.com_images_7_71_Golden_tuna.png Golden Tuna - FOUND!!!
awww.uoguide.com_images_f_fb_Kingfish.png Kingfish - FOUND!!!
awww.uoguide.com_images_b_b2_Lantern_fish.png Lantern Fish - FOUND!!!
awww.uoguide.com_images_b_bb_Rainbow_fish.png Rainbow Fish - FOUND!!
awww.uoguide.com_images_5_52_Seeker_fish.png Seeker Fish - FOUND!!!!
awww.uoguide.com_images_3_36_Spring_dragonfish.png Spring Dragonfish - FOUND!!!
awww.uoguide.com_images_9_9f_Stone_fish.png Stone Fish - FOUND!!!!
awww.uoguide.com_images_d_d8_Winter_dragonfish.png Winter Dragonfish - FOUND!!!!
awww.uoguide.com_images_8_84_Zombie_fish.png Zombie Fish - FOUND!!!
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oh thats out of my area for sure but someone here will know i am thinking. still glad that your doing this again. er being active i guess. anyway. looks good man. seems ya got some bearing on what you want to accomplish. we all gained in the end. and at the end of my project as well. i learned alot and now i make my own place to play without trying to keep up with so many. that was not my strong point at any rate. but im sure with your diligence you will produce something great. you always were the guy to do it. good luck in your endeavors.
@Hank I do plan on Adding everything High Seas and getting it going. :)

@Milva Thanks that helps so much!! I did not find anything other then the FS High Seas thing but that still helps me a lot as he has a lot of the fish already done (I do not know if they are correct hues). He also has some other stuff I will be able to look at to get this thing working soon as possible.

Very excited for this project I will be starting a Thread in the General Discussion (I believe that's where is best) where everyone can watch the project grow and perhaps contribute etc! :)
Give me a list of fish (hues) that you're missing and I'll fill in the blanks courtesy of PandoraUO :)
Not sure the stat of this version of the FS Fishing system but might help you along your path :)


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@HellRazor This is what I have gotten myself without even tampering with RoninGT's Version! Download it and take a look!

@Voxpire Thank you so much for your help I think I got all the correct Hue's or as close as UOGuide pictures and The ones I made in game look :) I just uploaded a file with all the fish and I totally understand if you dont wanna check 1 by 1 :)

I think I should be fine for now! :)

I have not been working on this project lately but might bring it up again not sure if working on the system is worth it when RoninGT's version seems really well but I have not tampered with it myself! Has anyone else? Thanks!


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@Omni Thank you for the upload I will be sure to look at the code and see what I can do this seems like it will be quite the project! :)