Where do I put this file to get it to work when I boot my shard? Sorry for the noob question... first time shard owner here.
sweet Tool I have this it was a drag and drop ,, in Your custom folders make 1 called StaffItems drop any staff related scripts in there for easy finding If You don't have a custom folder make 1 and that's where all Your custom scripts will go for instance You make new armor and mob make a folder named custom mobs and drop those in there in a folder a little use and You will figure it out I keep all My custom Pets ,, Armor ,, Mobs <, ect ect in a custom folder with the items in their own folders for easy locating

((( I run on JustUo so not sure of compatability )))
Should be drag and drop and boot
Ok. we're using RunUO… but we should be able to make a custom scripts folder in the folder with the client and then a folder in that folder called Staffitems? Trying it... I'll probably be back. Lol. How do we get the toolbar with the GM options viewable in a grid?
[doublepost=1536108549][/doublepost]More importantly we seem to be missing the [gmbody command.