Greetings all.. First post and i'm really new at all of this.. But I managed to merge the code for SF Imbuing into the latest publish. The imbuing system itself seems to work great on a bare server (No saves) but the moment I create items and save them then reboot I begin to get serialization issues. Basically Imbuing works, but I can't save items. This is also a problem because if at all possible I'd like to not have to item wipe on my main server. If anyone could help me with this, I would be very grateful. Or if anyone could point me to some resources to fix the problem. Below I have included the shards basic item files, along with the basic item files modified for imbuing (in a separate folder in the RAR file).


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I have integrated imbuing package from runuo (this one ) into our servuo pub54 server. No issues so far. Tbh though we only have 4-5 players (my kids and a few their friends) so not alot of testing has been done. However that being said they do play on it everyday amd havent complained. Your welcome to check out our svn to see if maybe the way i merged the files in can help. Anyways its located at

hile we have changed alot and moved the files around alot the vast majority are unedit and the same from servuo. I beleive it was our rev48 when i added imbuing.
I found a post from a previous version here that had some better merged files. Got those and cleaned up a few errors and it booted right up with no serialization issues. Sorry I should've looked further before posting!
Ok so, Problem #2.. I'm in the process of adding the materials as drops from monsters. I have added essences to balrons and Crystal Shards to crystal elementals as additional sources. This is the general drop code im using for all of them - this one in particular from Crystal Elementals.

public override void OnDeath( Container c )
base.OnDeath( c );
if ( Utility.RandomDouble() < 0.20 )
c.DropItem(new CrystalShards() );

However, when I go to add drops to some monsters like "Raptorteeth" to Raptors, or SilverSnakeSkin to Silver Serpents i get the error:
"CS0246: Line 90: The type or namespace name 'Container' could not be found (are you missing a using directive or assembly reference?)

It doesn't make sense, I am using the same exact code for the different monsters, but recieving errors in one but not the other. I'm placing the code in the same spots. (After generateloot)
You're missing an include library at the top of the file.
Not sure if ServUO has changed any of the library includes, but you should have this in order to add a container to a creature for loot:
using System;
using Server.Items;
using Server.Targeting;
using System.Collections;
Thanks to the help I received here, as well as alot of patience i've been able to merge the imbuing system along with the most recent ServUO publish. The following files will work just simply by unzipping into the main directory of a fresh install of ServUO, so I can't say as to whether or not it will on any custom shard. I also included my shards custom drop table for the materials (There is a Word document inside that RAR detailing the drops). it's a bit easier to get some of the items, which i thought was OK for a smaller shard. I couldn't post this in the correct forum, so I figured I'd put them here for anyone else that might be looking for a fix.


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ty very much for the loot pack Taelis! Mean it!
I did not play real uo after 99 or 2000 so I had no idea where to stick the items after I merged imbuing in and too lazy to check stratics. Your my wifes hero. Finally no more nagging about imbuing lol
My list is by no means OSI accurate, though i think some of the drops were already in (I got essances in Ter Mur from renown enemies). I put the end enchanting items on easier mobs to make it so a smaller shard (which is where i play) can have a decent shot at imbuing things. I just wanted to share it anyways..I didn't put any of the craftables in because at some point i am going to add them to the crafts they are supposed to belong to =P

Now to figure out the problems with the quests for the imbuing PS's... >,<
Tested with Imbuing and without fully now and Melee and wrestling new characters that are just created cant melee or wrestle with this new servuo Imbuing script implemented in
I think it may have to do with playermobile.cs but not sure, i keep checking it but i may be missing somthing
paying someone $15 to fix my problem, cant convert back it asks to delete all armor types when i put the old files back in. Need to get new created player's back there melee and wrestling animation plus hits.

Dont have the time to keep looking though code atm. My dev is not in atm
I found out that melee and wrestle for new players even when they take there young status off it takes 24 hours then they can melee attack

How do i fix this
WarFace said:
I found out that melee and wrestle for new players even when they take there young status off it takes 24 hours then they can melee attack

If you're still having problems with this, PM me.
Did you get this resolved? I haven't had any issues on my shard with wrestling either with or without my imbuing edits.