in need of opinion again :D


Jun 17, 2019
i have a few creatures id like to modify now i realize its not going to be as simple as adding the skill hiding to a creature but i would like to have a creature or two able to run n hide to heal once hurt enough.. has anyone or dose anyone know if its possible. that may be able to guide me where to possibly make this possible
as always you great bunch of people thanks in advance. also im playing with Servuo


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Apr 11, 2018
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Whispering Pines
NinjaAI.cs already has a chance to hide if injured. MageAI already has a heal chance. MeleeAI will flee when injured enough. Looking at those would give you enough info to combine the situations into a new AI or modify an existing one.

Remember that applying a bandage or casting heal is a revealing action, and most mobiles don't have enough Stealth skill to walk away while hidden, so it could get complicated.