Ever since I patched my client, I would put things in my inventory and they would disappear. If it was an item off my paperdoll it would disappear but it would be back on my body after I logged out and back in.
Yes EA have changed something in recent patch's..

Unfortunatly this isn't fixed within servuo and may have to wait until the next publish..
Do you use razor to login your server? Just wondering because your problem also sounds like the bug razor had until you forced it to update, what is your patch number on your client?
I mean it could also be the problem which Omni stated, just a thought :)
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Yeah Razor™ is the only way I can access my server atm. Could that be a problem? I see posted shards like Excelsior™ and Second Age™ with their own little logo launcher.
Try this to see if razor updates- go into your razor folder and double click the Updater. If it does update then that could be your problem if it does not then it has to be the client if your fully patched up. I'm at with no problems, I did have your problem before I updated razor though.
My Razor™ folder doesn't have an updater it has... Razor, RPV Editor (Alpha), Uninstall, and Visit Razor's Website.
I had the problem because of Razor. I moved over to UOSteam. However if you get the new version of Razor you shouldn't have the problem.