I drove through the shittiest tunnel in Colorado about 10 times on hecka long trips. it was raining, hailing, snowing about 50 freaking % of the time that I was driving... The company that I worked for hires idiots as dispatchers... The entire truck driving experience was a complete and total freaking dip shit fest. This time around I had literally bicurious bush dwelling scum as my truck driving trainer lol...... he called himself backwoods something but he was def a homo.... Ill just have to say that he was happy to see me enter the shower alone without him... dude was so weird bruh... then the other two has diabetes... One told me he would ri off all my finger nails if i crashed and he has a black wife with an illegitimate daughter that tortures him over the phone and that he has a fully automatic gun... He was all sheit all ya gotsta do is scratch the metal thang... lolololol the whole experience was a thumbs down i seriously feel bad for some truck drivers. all I know is I cant handle that crap.

So basically, I'm back with the server I had hosted here for a while. I took out all of the unlimited mining and lumberjacking but left the unlimited fishing. I alsoo tok out pretty much every single lame thing possible from my last server while keeping the rest.
I spent the past year working on music. Destroying my ears...

Now I'm attempting to do something sorta productive with the rest of the life span of my ears...

sssssooooo i try to remix these uo tracks.
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