Karma UO - looking for players and testers

Apr 16, 2019
Karma UO is a new shard, looking for both players and testers. Karma UO is not currently uploaded onto a server and will be undergoing changes, however, it is stable enough to begin your new adventure! The idea behind the shard has been in the works for quite awhile and has just really begun to start. Karma UO will never, ever be pay to play. There is currently no donation house, however, there will be for cosmetic/convenience items only in the future. The current era is TOL, with many, many customs including, but not limited to:

- TONS of custom items/mobiles/quests
- Entire map themed around new players
- Reputations
- Pet breeding (with some changes)
- Taming BODs
- Crafting and Gathering systems
- Custom imbuing that makes the options endless

This list is only a partial list and will continue to grow. Karma UO currently has 2 staff members who are active and online daily. If you feel like testing a shard, or starting a new adventure, give Karma UO a look.

Shard Information:
Connect: IP - Port - 2593
Discord: https://discord.gg/ejkYTmp
Forums: https://karmauo.com/home

Edited to include website.
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ServUO Developer
Dec 4, 2014
Western New York State
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Test Center
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Welcome to ServUO! Let us know when you have a website and/or forums for players to view things like Rules, Features, Screenshots, etc. And thank you very much for contributing to the freeshard community!

Tyrone Bigums

Mar 28, 2015
Going strong for a little over 4 months now. I just wanted to share some of our updates and other content on the shard.

- The abyss redone with all custom monsters
- 2 new champ spawns
- Treasure maps updated and the level 6 and 7 maps have a chance to drop customs artifacts
- tons of stealables in every town and all over Ilshenar
- custom pets, some are hidden for you to try and find them
- we have had a few successful events and are working on our Halloween event at the moment
- friendly community that talks in discord quite often
- house building contest ran by a staff member

Also there is a new IP address to log in.
Connect: port 2593

Web site

Come join us.