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Lava Fishing with working Magical Pie Buffs

Discussion in 'Script Support' started by thor86, Jun 16, 2014.

  1. thor86

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    Jun 10, 2014
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    Lava Fishing with working Magical Pie Buffs , (thanks to runuo's 'Dreamseeker' for helping me with magical buffs)

    I made this over a year ago on Orb & haven't messed with it much since but want to finish it now, It took some work to convert it to Servuo to get it working right & some things broke along the change,
    If anyone is bored & wants to help test this on a fresh install of servuo for me il be thankful ,
    (I have been testing it seems to run good il post below what trouble im having)
    could use some ideas on what to do to make it better & smoother running,

    my scripts are kind of messy so if you have trouble finding something or reading il try to help.

    Working Lavafishing w Bait / use lavafishing pole to fish on lava tiles inside the Abyss.

    Working Magical Pies with Buffs / only lets one buff be in place at a time with working timers.

    Added Lava Lobster/Crap trap fishing, havent did much with this yet just changed a few things to make work with lava tiles (thanks to runuo's 'koluch' i copyed her Defseafood w/ lobster and crab trap)

    How to install , please use fresh install to help me test,thanks
    Drag & Drop
    LavaFishing folder
    \Scripts\Custom Systems\
    replace these files
    (have to replace the WG & EA cause had to change how basemagicalfood worked to add pies to aos)
    replace this one to
    added edits for MAGICAL FISH PIES / i wrote this for orbuo & servuos aos is alot diffent so had to move alot of stuff around to get to work right so not sure how to post what all i changed moved cause it took me afew trys of moving astuff around \
    add in the edit for this file
    one edit added for effect & cooldown timer
    Commands to Test Items (must be inside Abyss to use pole)
    [add SpecialLavaNet / to test spawn lava monster , net can be fished up while lava fishing
    [add LavaFishingPole2 / to test lava fishing need 110 to 120 fishing skill
    [add LavaLobsterTrap / to test lava traps, uselly breaks alot havent did much with em
    [add LavaFisherman / to test the vendor
    [add fishpie
    --the magical ones are labeled (dilfishpie, fcfishpie, luckfishpie, sdifishpie, ssifishpie)

    Fish needed for cooking magical pies are edited into lavafishing.cs kind of like how white pearls are in waterfishing so they kind of rare
    around Line 99 in lavafishing.cs is the part to edit rare fish drop rate needed for cooking magcial pies
    -----status bar 'sometimes' will need refreshed by pulling robe/or something worn off n back on but the effect does remove when timer ends
    -----biglavafish dont carry over fishermans name
    -----lavafishingpole2.cs uses/comsumes bait but buged & can be used without bait ( based off firehorn) this worked on ORBuo files but stoped working right when i converted it to SERVuo
    -----raw steaks keeps hue of fish for some reason
    (bait is stackable but cant be removed from uses so it is just one item with more counts but works good
    -----to make bait your need the same amount of ingots as FireLavaFishSteak cant have more in pack or it says not enhuf raw , best to just have 20 to 50 ingots in pack each time to make bait)
    -----might be more bugs not sure havent found any more-----

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