Learning General Programming And C#


Hey everyone, so I've been learning how to program slowly over the past year and a half; it's actually been longer than that but I used to self-teach whereas now I had been getting instruction through a local instructor in my area. To make a long story short, I was browsing the internet last week and stumbled on a site that can teach anyone, who is an audio-visual learner (and dedicated), how to program in a matter of months. Everything is repetition, so practice a lot and these lessons will be well worth the $35.00 USD monthly subscription.

They have a foundations of programming course which absolutely rocks and will teach you about all those funky symbols in your code. The author actually uses JavaScript as his teaching language, but most things he talks about spans across many different languages including C#. Once you finish with that course you can take some of the C# courses which contain a lot of chapters but you can go as fast or as slow as you like. My personal thought is that, if you're like me and forget things, you might want to watch each of the chapter videos in the course once, take notes, re-watch those videos, review your notes, and then take the quizzes.

Now you don't get college credit or anything like that, but this website is a great supplement!