Listening: IP - what does this mean?


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Jul 30, 2015
I haven't played with the servuo toolbox in awhile and I remember there had been 1-2 IPs listed as listeners,
now a few years later there aren't 1-2 IPs as before but 6-7 IPs. why are there so many listener ips for me?



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Apr 5, 2015
31 is a local loopback address for the machine itself. You will likely always see that one.

The is most likely your private IP assigned via DHCP from router or static and most likely the Address that your public NATs to, if all is working

169.254.x.x is an APIPA address. Usually means an adapter tried to contact a DHCP server but was unable to. These are likely different network interfaces than the address. Do you have multiple network cards in this machine, including wireless or virtual ones from like a VPN adapter or hardwire and wireless? Does this machine have any VMS or is it itself a virtual machine inside another host?