I'm looking for a decorator for short term work on a custom test server.

We currently run Latest patch client with custom maps on a few facets, but I will be more than happy to provide uop files and statics/idx files so you can see and edit the map as needed.

This is for a project that isn't public yet, so no worries about having to deal with any players online.
It will be a strictly easy going project, mainly consisting of editing existing buildings with more statics so they can be frozen in place.

There will be other staff members on throughout the day working and doing things as needed, and the staff that are on and working are of the highest esteem and quality. I assure you that you won't be dealing with 12 year old's with a power trip, we are all seasoned and experienced staff members.

I'm looking for specific qualities, and they are not unreasonable ones.
If you'll take a look in my albums you'll see the type of work we do, use that as a basis for the following.

What I'm looking for specifically.

Responsibility and trustworthiness
Proficient in Pandora's Box
Firm grasp of UO and how items interact with each other
A portfolio of prior work done
Prior work as a staff member (a recommendation would be encouraged)
The ability to be a team player

I'd be willing to pay in goods on the server equal in value to the time invested once the server is "Live" if you so chose to play. A link or credits could be done on the server's website likewise if that would be more to your linking. All these and more can be discussed further provided you are accepted into the position(s) that are available.

If you feel this person is you, and that you would be a great asset to our team feel free to send me a private message on here (servuo.com) or on craftuo.com, likewise I have skype if you'd rather voice chat. Thank you for your consideration and time.