Looking for a little help


I want to set up a server for my family to play on. What I would like is to have updated Servuo with a few modifications. I have no clue about scripting. I do not know where to put folders and such for the modifications I need. I think OWLTR with the Daat99 token system would be what I want. but also a player/staff travel book, gold ledger with a grab bag. I have played on other servers that had Xanthos spell crafter. I enjoyed it a lot. I know it is asking a lot. Can someone help me or help me make it?


I could be wrong, but OWLTR and Daat99 token system and all that, work on ServUO pub54, which is not the current publish. You would have to download the older version of ServUO.
Once you have that extracted, go into the Config folder, and modify the configs as required.
Make sure DataPath.cfg is pointing to a fully patched version of UO on the server machine.
Download desired custom plugins from wherever in the internet you find such things.
Create a folder inside ServUO/Scripts called Custom. Place custom plugins into Custom folder.
Run compile.bat or whatever it was called back then.
Hope compile works, if not reply with errors and maybe someone else can help.