Hello Im looking for a very exp scripter for my server. One that is looking for a forever Home. Must be 21 and over. My server is a custom server. Need someone that can make custom scripts and systems also one that can upgrade and make changes to things that we currently have. We are a great shard to work for. So if your interested please email [email protected] or send me a instant message on yah0o using same address. Just tell me who u are so i will add you. I will want to know how long you have played uo and scripted and if you have been staff on a server. and If able send me a sample of your work..
meliarose[legendary knights]
i wish you the best of luck there malirose. bale once said you cant own a shard without doing it your self . best wishes. and the very best of luck.,
SO rude and uncalled for

I'm sure jase giffin was just being "matter of fact" and not intending to be rude. But, that statement is pretty much the truth of it. I'm sure people can help you with scripts and give you pointers, but it would be a challenge for you to find someone that wants to script for you (unless they're really good friends of yours) exclusively. I only know of one server that did this and with success (no back biting, arguing, and "theft"), but they all became very good friends, and the scripter ~wanted~ to do nothing but script. <-MAJOR rarity.
I didn't see anything rude about that statement to be fair.

But it's true, unless you're a professional and have the skills do it all by yourself, it's almost impossible to start a shard and run it adequately without a team.
Unless you're willing to pay someone, or already know someone who is capable and willing to write code for you, you have to consider what's in it for them, if they are passionate enough about programming and have the spare time, then you're very lucky to have found them and you'd best look after them and appreciate it or you'll be stuck in the gutter :p