Looking for creative quest creators and scripters(non paid)


Hi guys!

As for now, the project is around 11% finished. I havent financed it yet therefor I am looking for someone/s with a passion for making quests, new fun systems and balanced PvM that aligns with my views and ideas.

I am currently alone and with a family/full timejob, ServUO projects takes time.
I dont expect thisnto be finished this year, I have no reason to rush this.

The shard is custom, but not fully, some facets are removed and the remaining are getting minor edits in centrED and decorated.

This might expand into a great partnership in time, and other positions. Its all a progress. Most importantly is that we share the same views of how balanced, rewarding and fun Uo can be without uber customs that gives you too much.

What Do I Need Help With

- Creative and Fun quests, In the end I am making around 60-120 new ones. I have many ideas.

- Rehaul of some of the current systems out there, fishing per instance.

- Creative and fun new creatures, drops and tameables. I have afew ideas in my mind.

-New peerless and champion, bosses(shame dungeon style)

All will be done in time, its more efficiant and fun with more people.

Reach out to me if you're interested :)