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Jan 24, 2014
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@Denjiki submitted the Magincia Bazaar to the GitHub Repo - Here
I was wondering if any of the Devs or indeed Denjiki himself could shed some light on how working this is as per OSI and how we go about setting it up?

I installed everything fine, but how do we got about setting it up as per OSI likeness, so far all the addons are in place as are the 'vendor tiles' and the mall owner.
I understand that on OSI you can get 'Animal Vendors' which players set up to sell animal on etc. Is that supported with the system at the moment? Or are the Vendor Tiles currently solely for placement of 'regular' vendors anywhere in the world without the need for a house?



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Mar 4, 2013
I am pretty sure that they are working with regular vendors right now but I haven't done ALOT of testing on this. Denjiki has been busy but I will refer to his judgement. Hopefully he can pop in and explain. If not this can be something we look into adding for sure.


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Nov 14, 2013
I can verify that the vendortile.cs is for player vendors. It is actually a script that comes directly off the runuo forums as a custom vendor tile.
I had the script in my collection long before the commit.
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Feb 6, 2014
Le Roy, Michigan
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So here's the deal with the Magincia Bazaar. I'm not sure where the original script is derived from, probably RunUO forums as Hank says. I was going through Orb server files and checking for SA content or other content that could've been missed that would help ServUO, and I found the Magincia Bazaar scripts. I took the scripts and did some work on ServUO so that all the vendor tiles and little vendor "Stalls" would be in place, otherwise you would have to place all of them manually(was actually kind of a pain in the ass getting everything perfectly, as some of the stalls and such were elevated and/or offset making them hard to place in the scripts)

As for the script, i'm sure you can tell by now it's not 100% OSI accurate. OSI has the Commodity Brokers and Animal Brokers as you've said, one that buys/sells commodities and one that deals with pets. This script just includes the stalls really for styling purposes, but the vendor tiles can be placed anywhere you'd like as well. It was a step in the right direction, and if in the future we can get an Animal Broker & commodity broker script we will have a place to implement it easily.

It was actually something I was looking into before I've been on a short break. Any college student knows it's getting close to the end of the semester, which means homework bombardment unfortunately :(. I've had like 0 time to do any serious work on my little projects and bug fixes. Just had several 15+ page papers all due within the same week. However, since i'm not taking summer classes, I'll be golden once finals are over -- will have considerably more free time. So no, I'm not dead! Still here and will help whenever possible
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