Ok so time for the tutorial. First off the client I'm using ( will only pick up the far right stereo channel so stereo effects are off the table. Not sure about newest client because too lazy to try.

So an easy way to look at the process is to simply not add stereo effects to your tracks and make sure there are no stereo effects instilled during the mastering process. Then convert to a constant 160 mp3 in audacity.

The other option is to create a really good track with stereo effects master it using stereo effects and then convert to a constant 160 mp3 with mono selected in audacity.

Both options yield a different end result so keep in mind that it could take some time before you find the results you are looking for quality wise.

On a final note I would like to recommend FL Studios as a perfect place to start experimenting with making music for your server or other peoples server. They provide the full program in the demo with the exception of being able to load your tracks so like I said its the perfect place to start for free.
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