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Misc Items by Hestia - Animation Items and Deco Items

animation item and misc deco items
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Misc Deco by Hestia

Animated Mirror = both directions
Doilys for table decor = x7
Shelfs Baker = x7
Trays Kitchen = x 10 types
Lights = x11 = 2 are partial hue
Post with deco cover
Post = x5 = 1 is partial hue
Toilet = both directions
Toilet Covers = x6
Banner Post = x3
Birdbath = x3 = 2 are partial hue
Bows = x3
Caged Skeleton
Christmas Wall Deco
Egg Cart
Garden Planter
Glass Ball = x3
Grape Cart
Gumball Machine = x2
Holiday Mats = x3
Item to show all parts of a hue in your hue dye tub field
Log Ric
Mining Cart
Paint Can = partial hue
Pillow = partial hue
Short Mirror
Sink Part
Steampunk Fan Blades
Wall Clock Deco
Water Well