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Need Beta Testers and Staff

Discussion in 'Looking For Help' started by Ravenwolfe, Nov 4, 2013.

  1. Ravenwolfe

    Moderator ServUO Developer

    Sep 7, 2013
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    Ultima Realms is now open for beta testing. I would like to welcome anyone willing to spend any amount of time on the shard. I will also be looking to recruit staff from the beta testers.

    You will need a fully patched client, 7.0.33+. Account creation is automatic but I ask that you register on the forums to help report any bugs or suggestions. You can find us at www.ultimarealms.com and the forums are linked.

    More details are on the website and forums, but here is an overview:
    - Stygian Abyss, imbuing, throwing, mysticism.
    - One character per account, two accounts per household.
    - Start with 7x skills, initial skillcap of 1800, can be raised.
    - Unique token system for rewards.
    - Felucca is safe zone, Tokuno, Termur, and Malas are pvp zones.
    - Bounty system
    - Enhancement to skills to make them useful, ex. Camping, Taste ID.
    - Mentor system

    Understand that we are in Beta and it is only myself and a decorator at this time, so much of the time there will be no staff online. We will eventually be looking for more staff to include an admin.

    If you have a fully patched client, you can connect at uo.ultimarealms.com port 2593, or we have an installer on the website if you prefer a clean directory.

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