New ML server,UO Everlast,looking for 1 simple tester.(EU).


Ave Cesar,hello!Just looking for one tester to help me a finished shard,called UO Everlast,is not hosted,features are:
Expansion: ML,accounts per ip:1,skillcap 700 with +20 veteran,1 house per account,languaje: English,Spanish,Italian.
Plus features:
Monthly pvm and pvp ranking with prizes and ladder.
Single player monster bash with ladder with top damagers.
Automated and daily tourneys: Capture the flag,free for all,faction wars,color wars,tourney 1v1 and 2v2,and 4 single arenas for duels.
Tourneys give pvp points to get future rewards,voting the shard give vote points too (not configured yet but working).
Future donations are:
*Premium character status with this features:
-Felucca resource bonus on Trammel too.
-No use reagents.
-No insured payment on death.
-No suffer skill loss on death if factioned.
-Can leave faction instantly.
-Delay to get bods goes from 6 hour on max skill to one hour.
-Accelerated skill gain.
-Evade the ServUo antimacro when raising skills,so dont need to move to gain skill points.
*Donation dye tubs,linked and with charges to dye armors,clothing,weapons,talismans,pets,and ethereals.

Trying to get a ML experience with unlimited tasks with that rankings and events and for sure not pay to win donations based.If you are interested,send me here a private message please!,and thank you!PVM PVP Rankings.pngMonster bash single player.pngTourney 1v1 and 2v2 arena.pngCapture the flag arena.pngArena moongate.png
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