New publish on UO adds some CC/EC bug fixes.


ServUO Developer
Oct 16, 2014
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Client Changes
  • Made improvements to classic client movement speed to be on par with the enhanced client when pathfinding is enabled.
  • Trade windows will now support commas.
  • The classic client text hue for damage that pets receive is now yellow instead of red.
  • Optimizations for the enhanced client have been made that should improve performance in NPC heavy areas.
  • Fixed many coastal areas where terrain transitions would not look right or there were errant terrain tiles.
  • Fixed worldbuilding & dynamic spawn in the Britain Commons.
  • Player health bars now properly convert to and from party bars.
  • Resolved issue in the Classic Client which resulted in the player freezing if they closed the resurrection menu by using CloseGumps macro.
  • The Enhanced Client now supports the mouse control configuration “switch mouse button”.

Art Changes

  • Fixed shading on City Banners.
  • Adjusted and added fish & fish trophies to add more detail and distinction.

My question is do we need to change code to support the new client fixes? Or does it do it automatically?

Most importantly the ability to use commas in the trade window (which is HUGE)?